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Selling a home is a huge decision, that ultimately translates to dollars in your pocket, or dollars left on the table. Yet, ironically statistics show us that very few sellers will interview multiple agents before deciding to work with an agent. Even if you have already made up your mind on who you are going to work with, it is still a great idea to interview multiple agents so that you can better understand exactly what and who you will need to be there for you in the driver’s seat. 

Your agent will need to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy that is specific to your home. Your home is special and unique to you. The strategy to sell it should be no different. Connect with us today to discuss how we can help market your property and what sets us apart from the competition, such as:

  1. Custom Color Brochure
  2. Professional Photography
  3. Drone Photography
  4. Website Marketing
  5. Craigslist
  6. Social Networking, to include Facebook
  8.  Property Website with Custom URL (e.g.
  9. Door-to-door marketing
  10. Postcard Fliers
  11. Calling Campaign

Real estate really is a game. It is a game with a lot of rules, various strategies, and all sorts of different types of players. Therefore it is integral to ensure that you have the right teammate who will be providing you with the assistance that you will expect throughout the process.

Everything from communication down to response times need to be clearly communicated so that expectations will be surpassed throughout the entire process. Our goal in the process is to exceed every single expectation that you have and outwork any other agent in the market. We come from a mindset of service, duty, honor, and respect. We are committed to your success throughout the entirety of the process and even years down the road. We will always be there for you.

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