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About Brown Property Co

Brown Property Co (BPCo) was started by Joseph Brown when he launched his career in the Flathead Valley. BPCo is built upon the principles that Joseph brought with him after serving as a police officer in Phoenix for 10 years. Honor, loyalty, service, duty, commitment, and integrity are not catch phrases but the bottom line principles that shape his life and his business. These principles are put to action daily in all client interactions and real estate. 

About Joseph Brown

Joseph, along with this wife and three kids, came to Flathead Valley and fell in love with “God’s Country.” They uprooted from Phoenix, Arizona and moved out to Columbia Falls to forge a new life and make Montana. Joseph and his family understand deeply how hard it is to start anew, but loves helping those get their “footing” and get situated in those beautiful area.

Joseph served as a police officer for 10 years with the City of Phoenix. Working in patrol, Joseph honed his skills firsthand serving his community. Joseph learned that most issues could be solved through strategic partnerships, clear communication, honesty, and complete determination.

Now putting those skills to practice in real estate, Joseph delivers an entirely different real estate experience. His goal with every client is to not only exceed your expectations, but earn your business for life through dogged determination and unending commitment.

Joseph’s primary goal in the Flathead Valley is to build long-term relationships that support and uphold the values and principles that drew him to this gorgeous country. Joseph seeks to get to know local businesses and services to build strategic partnerships to better serve his clients and drive business to local-owned businesses.

If you would like to connect with Joseph directly please send him a text message and he will get in touch with you promptly. Also, if you are looking to get to know Joseph while playing Flathead Monopoly, then drop him a line today!

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