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Why are you calling me?

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown

Joseph is a licensed residential real estate professional serving the Flathead Valley in Montana. Cutting his real estate "teeth" in commercial real estate with a Fortune 500 company coupled with serving as a police officer for nearly a decade, Joseph brings a unique and professional approach, perspective, and skill set to real estate and investments.

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why are you calling me

Why are you calling me? Leave me alone!

I get this asked all the time…why are you calling me? Sometimes that questions is followed up with a request to not bother you ever again. It is okay though guys, you won’t hurt my feelings. You may have had some choice words for me after seeing me following up with you via email, leaving you voicemail, or sending you some texts. After being a police officer in South and Central Phoenix for almost ten years, there is not much that you can say to me that will offend.

The reason that I am following up with you so determinedly is that you have come to our site and shown an interest in the real estate marketplace, which is my area of expertise. I get the fact that you may not be planning to buy or sell for years, are just looking, or even shopping for a friend, but the number one complaint of sellers and buyers alike of their real estate agent is COMMUNICATION, regardless of where they are at in the relationship. Agents reach out to prospective clients and fail to follow up, leaving them wondering if they forgot about them altogether or if they lack the systems and professionalism to follow up.

Therefore, I follow up with you so determinedly because I want you to know that communication to me is essential, and that the communication precedence is set from the first moment that I make contact with you. I handle reaching out to new prospects the same way that I handle clients of mine who have worked with me for years. I will continue to stay in constant contact with you and give you the assurance that I am here, available, and ready to assist when you need it.

There is nothing worse when you are waiting on a call back, text, or update of some sort and you have been left in the dark for days or even a week by your agent. That is inexcusable. Thus, I will keep following up with you until I know that you are taken care of and have been serviced. And I will keep in contact with you until it comes time for me to earn your business. I never assume that I have earned my place until I have shown to you that I have earned it and am willing to work for it.

So if you have a missed call or text from 406-437-1000, do not worry, I am not trying to nag you, but more importantly I am trying to show to you that my level of communication is high and shall remain high throughout the entire sales process. I will keep working for you even after the sale has completed and you are moved in. Real estate needs do not just pop up when you need to buy and sell. From disputing property valuations, handling issues or concerns, or even setting up a long-term investment strategy, real estate should always be somewhere in your field of view. It is my job to help and be of assistance when that need arises.

Communication should be at the top of your list of priorities that you look for in an agent. 

If I earn your business, you can rest assured that if you are my client, you will be a client for life, and that communication will always be our highest priority. If I am not fortunate enough to have you as my client yet, but you see me calling and 406-437-1000 comes across your cell phone, rest assured, it is me. I am just working hard to earn your business and prove to you that communication is an utmost priority to me.

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